Hotel Montelirio

A voyage for all your senses

From our restaurant

Albacara Restaurant

The ideal setting, at the feet of the New Bridge, where you can enjoy traditional local cuisine elaborated with ingredients of the highest quality.

Hotel Montelirio

100% recommended

Albacara Restaurant is included in the Michelin Guide and enjoys positive reviews on a wide range of travel websites.

Hotel Montelirio

For our most demanding gourmet guests

Shrimp meatballs with cockle sauce, duck liver mi-cuit with pistachio jam and reduction of Ronda wine, suckling pig and sea bass baked in salt are just some of our specialities.

Hotel Montelirio
Sample our exquisite meat and fish dishes
Hotel Montelirio
Flavour intensity

Our large selection of wines will intensify the flavour of all the recipes elaborated by our chef.

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